Building Code vs. Recommendations for Home Inspectors

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Building Code vs Recommendations for Home Inspections? We are often asked during a home inspection whether something meets building code.  For example, are GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets required by code?  What kind of [...]

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Radon Testing In The Summer

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Buying or selling a home is challenging, and can create stress.  Add in summer heat, and tempers will rise with the temperatures. Here is good information regarding radon testing during the summer months.  How complicated [...]

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Septic Inspection Tips

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Septic Inspection Tips Tips for Septic Inspections ‘The grass may be greener over the septic tank’ as the saying goes, but it’s what’s under the green that everyone buying a home with a septic system [...]

Water Heaters

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Tankless or on-demand Water Heaters vs. Conventional Storage Tank Water heaters Green technology is very much in our consciousness as energy prices continue to rise.  As home inspectors in Connecticut, we have observed two major [...]


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Asbestos in Homes WHAT IS IT? Asbestos is a mineral fiber which was once manufactured to be added to a variety of products. Its purpose was to strengthen them or to provide heat insulation or [...]