Schaefer’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the New Homeowner

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Schaefer’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the New Homeowner

Making your list and checking it twice? If you have a friend or relative who just moved into a new house or apartment, consider an item or two off our Home Inspector-approved gift guide. While none of these items may seem outrightly exciting, when they are needed, your recipient will be very grateful for your generosity. These items also make great gifts for the seasoned homeowner. And if you’re a real estate agent who just closed a big sale, your client will remember you for the next transaction if you put one of these items under their tree!

1. Fire Extinguishers

This item is No. 1 on our list because in case of a kitchen fire, fireplace fire, hairdryer in the bathtub or knocked over candle situation, a fire extinguisher can save your life, not to mention your biggest investment (your house) from going up in flames. Plus, it’s not something people normally think of to go out and buy on their own.

2. Flashlight

No one thinks about buying a flashlight until the power goes out and you’re stuck feeling around in the dark. Tie a big bow around a flashlight or two for your friend and they will remember how you came through with that great gift during the next blackout— just remember to include the batteries! 

3. Fireplace Tools

Do you know someone who just moved into a beautiful home complete with an attractive fireplace? Gift them a proper set of fireplace tools to prevent logs from staying too compact and creating a smoke storm instead of a crackly, crispy fire. An andiron, poker, spade, tongs and brush will build up warming flames safely.

4. Fire Wood Container/Holder

There’s nothing worse when you’re about to start that roaring, warming fire to discover that all of your firewood has been rotted, gotten wet or attacked by insects. Send your friends off into their new homeownership life with a wood storage container that keeps their logs elevated off the ground, clean, dry and ready for the hearth.

5. Dehumidifier
One of the scariest things a homeowner can face is a scorching case of mold. However, mold only thrives when it’s fed by moisture. So if you have any sort of water intrusion in your home (leaky roof, heavy bathroom condensation, a strong rain storm that blows water in through windows and doors), you need to dry that area up, and fast! A dehumidifier will thoroughly dry the area and send mold on its way.

6. Automatic Shutoff Power Saver
You may have heard of “Vampire Power”— when your plugged-in devices slowly suck power without even being turned on (your TV is probably doing it right now). All this adds up to a higher energy bill. Instead of going around and unplugging everything in the house all the time, just plug everything into one of these handy power strips that automatically turns off power when not in use to help save energy.

7. Portable Generator

When the power goes out, your friends will thank you that this little baby is sitting in their garage, ready to power their refrigerator, heating system, computer or other necessary appliances. With just a quick fill-up, a portable generator will come through after a bad storm when everyone else on the block is waiting for the power company to make it to their house.

8. Tool Box

A proper toolbox is about more than just having the right tools when you need them, it’s about having the right tools all corralled together so you’re not searching endlessly for a wrench and just coming up with a hammer. A nice starter kit of tools to go into the box is a great add-on. 

9. Solar Power Charger

A lot of the items on this gift guide are in case of emergency, and while a solar-powered charger is another item you’ll call on when the lights turn off, it can also be used even when disaster hasn’t struck. This eco-friendly, non-electricity-using device is perfect for sustainably charging a dead cell phone, camera battery, tablet or any other USB-friendly gadget.

10. Toilet Plunger

This is another one of those things you probably don’t think about buying until you need it, and when you need a toilet plunger, you REALLY need it! Toilet plungers also come in handy when dealing with a clogged sink or shower drain.

One item we left off this list is a thorough, expert inspection with Schaefer! All of our inspectors have backgrounds in home building and construction, and are very familiar with life in Connecticut and all that living in this great state has to offer. Give us a call at 1-800-345-2776, or schedule your inspection online by clicking here.

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