5 tips for how to prepare a commercial property for winter

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5 tips for how to prepare a commercial property for winter

During winter the safety of your commercial tenants, employees, and visitors should be top priority, especially during months of cold, ice, and snow. This will require dependable maintenance, necessary repairs, and seasonal improvements. Each property will require its own customized winter plan. It can be helpful to have the contact information for your maintenance providers and resources provided to tenants. Below are our top 5 tips for preparing your property for a safe winter.

  1. Light it up! We recommend installing automatic lighting for all entrances, walkways, stairs, and parking spaces. Well-lit areas will help both residents and visitors safely navigate your property.
  2. Check mechanical systems! Thoroughly evaluate and service the heating and plumbing systems and ensure that settings are correct. A service contract with a heating company can be especially helpful if systems fail. You will get much quicker service.
  3. Do not overlook semi-heated spaces! Make sure that any units that are semi-heated are effectively protected so that cold temperatures don’t allow freezing.
  4. Check your drainage! Evaluate your roof drainage to ensure all gutters/downspouts are secured properly and not blocked. Snow and ice can interfere with regular drainage and can cause ice damming and/or leaks.
  5. Insulate! Inspect your insulation to make sure there aren’t any gaps or breaches. Repairing these issues can protect your property against exposure from the elements, and also potentially decrease your heating costs.

Remember to start early to ensure your property is suitably equipped for the upcoming winter months. For questions or more tips call our office: Schaefer Inspection Service, 203-387-2131.