Whether your water is supplied by your city or a private well, it is important to be informed about your drinking water quality and to understand how to properly maintain it. The state of CT recommends testing your water yearly, as well as after replacing pipes, pumps, well casing, or the water source. You also want to be conscious of how your actions can affect not just your water but the public’s as well. Here are a few ways to help protect our water sources:

  1. Never pour chemicals down the drain!

This includes cleaning supplies/disinfectants, paint, insecticides, motor oil, medication, and much more. Anything that goes down the drain will eventually make its way into local waterways which supply our drinking water. Try using safer products without harsh chemicals whenever you can. The things we use in our home are likely to end up in our water supply.

  1. Clean up after your pets

Animal waste contains a lot of bacteria that we do not want to drink. When you don’t pick up after your pets, rain washed into the ground and eventually our water supply. It may not be the most fun chore, but it goes along way for everyone’s health.

  1. Get a carwash

Cars are very dirty! They pick up lots of environmental chemicals from the road while driving around. Car washes are required to drain all run-off into the sewer system. Rain and at-home car washes let water run into the soil and storm drains which eventually lead back into lakes and streams. Be safe and treat your car right.

  1. Stop with the fertilizer and pesticides

Using pesticides and fertilizer is bad for your health in multiple ways. The chemicals in these products can contaminate your food and contaminate local water supplies. Try using natural fertilizers like composted food and manure as an alternative. Also, pick fruit as soon as it is ripe, so pests don’t get to it first.

  1. Start local clean-up projects

It’s important to keep trash out of local waterways. You can help the environment and yourself by lending a hand cleaning up in your town. https://ofmpub.epa.gov is a great resource to find community projects in your area. And remember to always dispose of your trash properly when you are out.