203K HUD Inspections vs. Standard Home Inspections

One question that commonly comes up when a buyer is attempting to purchase a home with a FHA 203k loan is whether a 203K inspection takes the place of a standard inspection. Simply put, it doesn’t. In order to better understand why it does not, it is important to first understand what each inspection entails.  203K Inspections:  […]

A Guide to Mold in Your Home

Mold has become a hot topic of conversations over the years, from homeowners to home buyers. Mold is a type of fungus that can occur in a variety of colors and sizes. A little mold can be everywhere; in the air, on surfaces, on your food, etc. With the right conditions mold can grow throughout the year but it can become even more […]

Revisiting Building Code vs. Home Inspections

Code is a 4-letter word Building code is a set of minimum requirements for building design, construction, and operation to protect public health, safety and the natural resources that sustain us. Structures are built in compliance with laws and regulations established by the state, according to the specific codes of the location and time period […]

Are You Concerned About Water Quality?

Whether your water is supplied by your city or a private well, it is important to be informed about your drinking water quality and to understand how to properly maintain it. The state of CT recommends testing your water yearly, as well as after replacing pipes, pumps, well casing, or the water source. You also […]

The Home Inspection: Before and After

Before: How to Prepare If you are a home buyer, the process of finding and purchasing a house can be stressful. You’ve found the perfect home, great location, amazing kitchen, you make an offer and it’s accepted. Now you can schedule your inspection. We try to make the inspection part of the purchase process as […]

New Construction, Same Inspection?

Congratulations, your new home construction has just finished and you’re ready to move in, right? Well maybe not! Your house might be new, but it still needs an inspection. It is natural to think that a new home means a perfect home, but that is not always the case. The home may not already show […]

Water Intrusion: How to See it, How to Stop it

Could your home be at risk for water damage? Soil Grading The slope of the land (grade) around your house controls which direction rainwater flows. Ground that slopes away from the house is best for avoiding excess water nearing the foundation. Luckily, soil that slopes toward the house is not too difficult to fix. If […]

What are the benefits for a 203k loan?

Do shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop have you daydreaming of renovating a home? Did you know there are renovation loan options to do just that? A 203k loan allows homebuyers to finance both the purchase of a home and the cost of repairs into one single mortgage. Homeowners can also finance the […]

What to Expect as a 1st Time Home Buyer

All your life you’ve dreamt of having the suburban colonial style home with a white picket fence…well maybe that’s not your cup of tea at all. At Schaefer Inspection Service we understand the stress of home buying and we are here to help.

Got Mold?

Perhaps mold is a concern because you are purchasing a home and your inspection is soon, or maybe you suspect the presence of mold in your current home. Mold spores are present everywhere we live and breathe.  Mold spores enter our homes through open windows, our shoes from outside, or items we bring inside. It […]