Home Inspection Horror Stories

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Home Inspection Horror Stories

Are you debating about spending the extra money on a home inspection? I think you’ll change your mind after you hear about a home inspection horror story. Grab a seat and some popcorn because this story will leave you begging for more.

Septic Setback

Just like you’re probably thinking skipping a home inspection will save you some cash so did this Alaskan couple. At the time, Lindsay, a finance blogger had been awaiting her military husband, Zach, arrival. When Zach returned they were ecstatic to be reunited and decided to purchase a home.

The couple purchased the home using a zero-down VA loan, and used their savings to purchase furniture. In hindsight they realize this was only the first of many mistakes. The second mistake came along when the realtor suggested a pal of theirs do the home inspection for dirt cheap. The home inspector basically blinked and declared the house was in pristine condition. The house was built on lies, literally, the house was built on permafrost (permanently frozen ground). The septic system and water holding tank were buried underground. The septic tank itself had melted through the frozen mud and started sinking, which would cost $5,000 to replace.

septic tank how it works

In 2014, the couple decided they wanted a change of scenery and headed for Colorado. After trying and failing to sell the house the couple decided a different approach, renting the property. The couple didn’t receive any word from prospective renters but heard more than enough from the property manager. Only a year after listing the property the couple had already totaled almost $18,000 in repairs. In two years the total repairs nearly totaled $30,000.

Moral of The Story

Now, unless you have the time and money to lose by skipping a home inspection I suggest you schedule a home inspection with a qualified professional before purchasing a home. At Schaefer Inspection Service our goal is to provide our clients with an analysis of their home for use in making informed decisions regarding the home buying process. Schaefer Inspection does not deal with septic tanks, but we maintain an active referral list; we will refer you to the best in the biz. An estimate for pumping and inspecting a septic tank is between $250 to $300.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, schedule an inspection with one of our many experienced and knowledgeable inspectors here. If you don’t take our word for it check out our 4.9/5 rating on Google. The Schaefer Team looks forward to hearing from you!