New Construction, Same Inspection?

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New Construction, Same Inspection?

Congratulations, your new home construction has just finished and you’re ready to move in, right? Well maybe not! Your house might be new, but it still needs an inspection. It is natural to think that a new home means a perfect home, but that is not always the case. The home may not already show wear and damage as occurs over time, but there are unique considerations for a newly-built home which should be inspected before moving in.

  1. Condition of materials-New construction can take longer than originally projected. Schedules get delayed and materials end up sitting around exposed to the elements for longer than intended, causing moisture damage and wood destroying insect damage.
  2. Damaged or broken components-Sometimes contractors and crews can cause damage to the others work (electrician accidentally punctures newly installed plumbing pipes while installing wiring). It is important to look for potential or active areas for leaks or drainage issues when doing an inspection on new construction.
  3. Multiple tradespeople-Every new home will have heating, electrical and HVAC systems that are likely installed by sub-contractors. Errors in installation can often be overlooked because of the long chain of command. All new systems should be checked by a home inspector, as systems may not function well at the start.
  4. Warranty-Most new homes will come with a 1-year builders’ warranty. An inspector can create a ‘punch list’ for the contractor to repair before closing. A good time to perform a new construction home inspection might be mid-way through the warranty period to give time for problems to appear and still have warranty time to have them fixed.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. We trust that builders and contractors have done everything well, but we know that sometimes a trained set of eyes may help to spot or identify problems that could become a headache later. Without a home inspection, there could be any number of issues with a new house that will eventually create a bigger problem, costing you time and money to resolve.