Flashlight Image Map

At Schaefer Inspection Service, we are incredibly grateful for the many referrals our real estate colleagues send our way. Between running from appointment to appointment, and closing deals left and right, we’re always in awe of how hard agents work each and every day to help their clients buy and sell their properties. In an effort to make their lives a little easier, we’ve put together a list of items we think every real estate pro should keep in their car, because let’s be honest, a realtor’s car is their office!

  1. Flashlight
    When showing an empty house, there’s no guarantee the owner hasn’t disconnected the power. A flashlight lets you show your clients every room in a home (even dark basements and garages).
  2. Measuring Tape
    Your client loves the house! Great! But they’re not sure if their favorite antique grandfather clock/custom sofa/oversized dining table will fit in the space. Your handy measuring tape will assure them there’s enough room for all their treasures.
  3. Shoe Covers
    Keep your listing clean and filthy footprints at bay with a stash of shoe covers.
  4. Air Freshener
    Scent is our strongest sense tied to memory, and the last thing you want a client to remember about a home is that is smelled bad. Even the cleanest of homes have a certain… aroma. Keep a can or two of air freshener in your tool kit to sterilize the air.
  5. Dog Treats
    Owners may take off while their house is being shown, but their pets often stick around. Befriend a barking, sniffing, jumping pup with a few treats to make the home showing experience less ruff (sorry, we had to!)
  6. Shovel
    After a winter snowfall, even the most conscientious home owners may not have cleared the walk up to the front door, especially if they have already moved out. A shovel lets you clear off the front steps so your client isn’t slushing through the snow. This model is small enough to fold up and fit in your car. 
  7. Wipes
    All real estate agents know one thing: you never know how clean, or dirty, a house will be when you open the lockbox. A tub of anti-bacterial wipes will quickly clean off any surface and leave a fresh scent behind.
  8. Broom/Dust Pan
    This item goes right along with #7. Quickly sweep up unsightly piles of dust and dirt because no one wants to buy a filthy house.
  9. Toilet Paper
    Empty houses, while clear of furniture and window treatments, are also void of any and all creature comforts, like toilet paper. Your buyers won’t feel right at home if they can’t use the facilities. Bring a roll of TP with you so your clients aren’t rushing out to relieve themselves. WARNING: Make sure the house hasn’t been winterized before you attempt to use the facilities. You may not be able to flush!
  10. Water Bottles
    Offering your clients a small refreshment, especially on a warm day or when they’ve been trekking around to multiple listings, will greatly improve their home shopping experience and will let them know you’re attuned to their needs.
  11. Tote
    Keep everything neat and tidy in a tote that keeps it shape so items aren’t rolling around your backseat (along with your clients!)
  12. Something for the Kids
    Keep the kiddos occupied while you show their parents around. Give them a box of crayons, a few sheets of paper, and ask them draw a picture of their new house and where they will put all of their furniture and toys!

Bonus item: Schaefer Inspection Service’s phone number (1-800-345-2776) and web address (mhschaefer.local) to schedule an thorough and expert home inspection for your sellers and buyers. As inspectors, we share a common goal with real estate agents: to assist our mutual client in finding a house that can become their home. Your client needs an inspector who will report issues in a reasonable manner, without minimizing significant issues or overstating minor ones. Your client will appreciate you looking out for their bet interest, which will promote trust, future business, and referrals.