Small Business Week 2019

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Small Business Week 2019

May 5th through 11th is Small Business Week! Look for ways to support your local small businesses!! Supporting a business doesn’t always have to involve spending money. Use the tips below as inspiration for this week (and year-round!).

  1. Social Media

Social media is a great resource for businesses so make sure you FOLLOW your favorite local business! LIKE and SHARE their posts! Also, don’t forget to interact on their posts often-it means more than you think. If they have a newsletter or a blog, subscribe to it!

  1. Business Cards

Ask your local business for business cards to give out. You never know when something will come up in conversation and having a handy card can go a long way. Or there are usually bulletin boards throughout towns that are a great place to put these cards.

  1. Shop Local!

If you have the choice to patronize a local small business versus a big corporation; CHOOSE LOCAL! Once you make it part of your routine you will discover many added benefits. Small grocery stores or farmers markets usually have fresher options since their products don’t have to be transported as far. Smaller companies may also offer more personalized, friendly service.

  1. Eat Local!

This week, instead of stopping at one of the many fast food chains, eat at one of your local cafes or restaurants.

  1. Join Community Events!

Many small businesses will sponsor local events. Attending these events can be a great way to support both your town and different businesses! It is also a way to learn about the different businesses that are in your area.

Remember, when you support local businesses, you’re investing in your local economy. This will help to make your town a better place to live. Local businesses impact our communities year-round so let’s commit to supporting them all year!