Why You Should Get Your Well Water Tested?

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Why You Should Get Your Well Water Tested?

You are what you eat, or in this case, drink. Your drinking water should contain no harmful chemicals or pathogens. Secondly, the water should also have a good appearance, taste, and odor. Now, your drinking water may appear to be ready for consumption but looks can be deceiving. I’m almost certain you’ve eaten something that has sent you running to the restroom, been there, done that, and don’t wanna go back. Schaefer Inspection water tests look for the following:

water in body


Coliform bacteria

The bacteria itself are not disease producing but are an indicator of disease producing organisms. The contaminated source water may be a result of contact with surface water or fecal matter and may contain disease producing organisms.

fecal coliform

Physical Parameters


Water with a low pH can cause leaching of toxic metals such as lead from pipes and fixtures.


Discoloration may be a result of decaying vegetation and or inorganic material such as iron or manganese.


Odor can be caused by foreign compounds such as organic compounds, inorganic salts, or dissolved gases.

odor water


Turbidity is the presence of suspended material (clay, silt, etc.), organic material, or other inorganic material.



Fluoride is a natural mineral that is shown to protect against tooth decay.

Nitrate Nitrogen

This may cause polluted water because of improper disposal of waste or agricultural fertilizer.

nitrate contamination


A very high chloride level can lead to corrosion of pipes and heating equipment.


Arsenic & Uranium

Arsenic exposure is related to increased cancer risk, and uranium exposure is related to kidney function issues.


Lead consumption is linked to damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, learning disabilities, shorter stature, impaired hearing, and impaired formation and function of blood cells.

Health Impacts of Lead


Your risk of lung and stomach increases with exposure of radon in water and air.

Now, if you still aren’t interested in conducting water testing at least do it for your visitors. A bad stomach ache is the least of your worries. Not to mention there are numerous benefits to drinking water like increases energy, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins, boosts immune system, and prevent cramps. Schedule your home’s well water testing with Schaefer Inspection Service here.

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