Schaefer Inspection Service is family owned and operated and has been serving residents of CT for more than 35 years. Before home inspections were commonplace and regulated, Bruce Schaefer recognized how vulnerable homebuyers were to unknown deficiencies in a home they were purchasing. He saw the value a home inspection could provide homebuyers. The company was then founded in 1982. Bruce recognized that his many years of experience in building and remodeling prepared him with unique expertise to perform home inspections in the state of Connecticut. Bruce developed a reputation for careful, all-inclusive service extending beyond the inspection.

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Before 2001, there were no standards, regulations, or guidelines required by law for home inspectors.  From the start, Bruce Schaefer wanted his customers to know that he and his inspectors hold themselves to the highest home inspection standards possible. He became an early member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) in the 1980’s. At the time, ASHI was the only home inspection organization in the country with a required standard for its members to conduct their inspections. The ASHI standards continue to be the gold standard for home inspections and became the blueprint for the Connecticut Home Inspectors Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. As Schaefer Inspection Service has grown into a multi-inspector home inspection company, the quest for excellence has not diminished. Bruce encourages the other inspectors in the company to go beyond the state regulations and become ASHI members. To improve the professionalism of the home inspection business, Schaefer inspectors have held the following positions in ASHI:

  • Chapter President
  • Chapter Vice President
  • Chapter Board of Directors
  • ASHI national education committee
  • ASHI national nominating committee

In addition to Connecticut home inspection licenses and Certified ASHI Inspectors, Schaefer also has inspectors licensed or certified for the following:

  • Supervisory-level licensed Pest Control Officers for wood-destroying insects
  • Certified for radon measurement
  • Licensed New York inspectors
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Schaefer Inspection Service is experienced and knowledgeable about the unique features of commercial buildings. We can inspect your building prior to purchase or lease.
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