Pre-Listing Inspections

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Pre-Listing Inspection

Listing your home is a big decision. A pre-listing inspection provides helpful, independent information for a seller can and help to maximize the value of the home. The seller has the opportunity to make repairs and improvements that may otherwise impact a sales negotiation.

When an inspection occurs prior to listing a home, the inspector may find things needing attention that a buyer’s inspector may find after a contract is signed.

What are the benefits?

  • Prioritize improvements that may have the greatest impact on the sales price.
  • Uncover issues that may cause a deal to fall through.
  • Price the home appropriately and reduce days on market.
  • Pricing can reflect, “as is” for known defects.
  • Potentially less costly to make repairs when not pressed for time during a negotiation.

How Does it Work?

A pre-listing inspection is a visual inspection of the components and systems of the home. The inspector will look for functionality, systems nearing the end of service life, safety issues, water intrusion, and wood-destroying insects. We will send you a detailed report after the inspection.

The inspector will work with you to help identify what needs improvement. This allows you to get ahead of issues that may arise later in the selling process.