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Those with personal experience recommend Schaefer Inspection Service. Our past clients, their family members and friends, real estate agents, lawyers and bankers all recommend Schaefer home inspectors. Why? Schaefer has proven with our history of more than 70,000 inspections that we have expert home inspectors looking out for your best interests.

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Over 35 years of Inspection Experience

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Schaefer Inspection Service is a full-service Connecticut home inspection company since opening in 1982. We have one important goal for the services we offer: to provide our clients with an analysis of your home for use in making informed decisions regarding the home buying purchase and negotiation process. View the video to the left to experience what is covered in our thorough inspection process. Click to view our complete video library here.

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Schaefer Home Inspection is experienced and knowledgeable about the unique features of commercial buildings. We can inspect your building prior to purchase or lease.
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