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Connecticut Structural Engineer Inspections

At Schaefer Inspection Service, we have a licensed professional engineer (P.E) on staff. Our engineer, Rob Baraket P.E, can perform a visual inspection to report on structural components such as foundation, framing, beams, columns, or posts. Whether you are a homeowner looking for peace of mind about a structural concern or are a potential home buyer responding to an inspector’s recommendation, a structural evaluation can provide you with documentation regarding the structural integrity of your home.

When to hire a structural engineer:

  • During a real estate transaction
  • Major home renovations
  • Signs of structural concerns (extensive foundation cracking, bowing walls, deflecting floors, sticking doors, cracked windows, etc.)
  • New Construction
  • Structural damages from an accident or natural disaster

Crumbling Foundation Inspection:

The State of Connecticut is providing financial assistance to homeowners who have a crumbling foundation, due to the mineral pyrrhotite, where the home, condo, multi-family, or home addition was built after January 1, 1983, and before December 31, 2015.

Over 35,000 homes are estimated to be impacted. The area of greatest concern is in northeast Connecticut, where it is now possible to see foundations being replaced or repaired.  A professional engineer’s inspection and report are partially reimbursable by the captive insurer, and a necessary step in the process. Our professional engineer can provide the inspection and report with pictures.


  • Homeowners in the NE region of Connecticut have crumbling foundations due to the presence of pyrrhotite in the stone aggregate used to mix the concrete.
  • This is currently limited to a specific quarry source and time period. 
  • The State of Connecticut is offering financial assistance for qualified visual evaluation.
  • Our licensed professional engineer (PE) is approved to conduct the visual inspection for repair or replacement.
  • The Schaefer Inspection Service team is trained and certified by the state of Connecticut to observe for crumbling foundations and offer knowledge and expertise on the next steps.

Areas of Risk

Additional Resources:

Homeowners who are affected by crumbling foundations or suspect they may have pyrrhotite in their foundations can get reimbursed for core testing or visual inspections of their foundations. Governor Malloy initiated this program using bond funding and is a grant program through the Department of Housing with the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) as the administrator.

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