Water Testing

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Water Testing

The state of Connecticut suggests annual water quality testing for homes with well water. Homes with existing mitigation or filtration systems should be tested for accuracy and continued functionality. We offer testing for potability, bacteria, chemical profile, radon in water, arsenic, uranium. Our lab report will tell if you need a treatment system for any of the above elements.

Lead in water is generally due to corrosion in plumbing and faucets, or possibly pipes used in older homes. Some lenders will ask for this test for an older home.

Our inspector usually collects the water samples at the time of the inspection.

Basic Water Test

Determines general water quality and potability by testing for common chemicals, bacteria, and the physical parameters of the water.

  • Bacteria – (Coliform, E. Coli, Chlorine)
  • Physical Parameters (pH, Turbidity, Color, Odor)
  • Chemicals (Fluoride, Chloride, Nitrite Nitrogen, Sulfate, Calcium, Magnesium, Hardness, Sodium, Copper, Iron, Manganese)

Standard Water Profile

A more comprehensive test is offered for homes with wells as the drinking water supply.

  • Basic Water Test

Everything listed above: Bacteria, Physical Parameters & Chemicals

  • Radon in Water

Elevated radon in water can contribute to the radon-in-air levels of a home, as well as contribute to stomach and other health issues.

  • Arsenic & Uranium in Water

Any elevated levels of arsenic or uranium would deem the water unsafe.

  • Lead in Water

Determines if there is lead in the drinking water.

Water Flow Test

The flow test measures the available water supply at a property. It can determine if the supply will meet your needs. The inspector will measure the gallons per minute (GPM) over an hours time period. Some wells produce better than others.

This information may also be significant for the installation of sprinkler system.

City Water Testing

Testing city water in your home in Connecticut is important to ensure it meets safety standards for drinking, bathing, and other household uses. It helps identify potential contaminants like lead, bacteria, or chemicals that may pose health risks. In older homes (1980s or older) there can be lead in the pipes or plumbing fixtures. Regular testing ensures the water remains safe for you and your family. Additionally, it can provide peace of mind and help address any issues promptly if detected.

We offer 3 packages to suit the needs of your family:

  • City Water Package #1

Determines Lead and Copper levels

  • City Water Package #2

Determines basic potability, lead flush, and total residual chlorine levels.

  • City Water Package #3

Determines basic potability, lead flush, total residual chlorine levels, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Additional Testing

Additional types of testing are recommended when odors or other factors exist. Potential contaminants in the soil may result from previous commercial, manufacturing, or animal waste on the property.

  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Pesticides