Inspection Checklist

Here are some helpful tips when considering a home inspection in Connecticut.

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Inspection Checklist

The professional home inspection is designed to help discover “the unknown” about the home you want to purchase. Consider the following:

Before The Home Inspection:

If you are familiar with home maintenance, look to see what things are currently in need of maintenance. Does the house need to be painted, or deck needs to be refinished, or shrubs need trimming? Even if you do it yourself there are material costs to consider.

Ask questions about the history of the house. The seller can often provide valuable information:

  • Are there signs of moisture in the basement? Ask the seller the history of water seepage.
  • Find out if the heating system has been regularly serviced.
  • If you see water stains on a ceiling ask what caused them, and for evidence that the problem has been corrected.
  • As you walk through the house request more information about visible concerns.
  • Obtain and read the Connecticut Home Inspectors Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  • Once you have found a house that fits your needs call Schaefer Inspection Service to discuss what home inspection services you will need, and schedule your home inspection.

During The Home Inspection:

Your home inspection will be most valuable if you are present as it is being conducted.
Let your inspector know of any specific concerns you have before beginning the inspection.
Accompany your inspector throughout the home inspection. This provides you the opportunity to ask questions and will help you understand the inspection report.
At the conclusion of the inspection bring unaddressed concerts to the attention of your inspector. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Thoroughly read your inspection report. If something needs clarifying call our office right away.
Make a list of issues and concerns.
Speak to your realtor about concerns and how best to address them.
If you require the seller to address some of the issues found during the home inspection be reasonable and keep in mind that no house is perfect. You won’t want to lose a house you love over insignificant items.

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