A close up of a rain gutter filled with fall leaves


It’s Fall, the leaves are turning and falling to the ground, and that should be a sign to every homeowner to keep up with their Fall home maintenance.  It may be called Fall maintenance, but in reality, Fall maintenance is designed to prevent problems in the winter and spring times. Many of the recommendations in this post can be performed by a handy homeowner, but a few may take professionals to accomplish properly.  Our first advise, read through our list and get started early before cold weather.


In Connecticut, we have snow, rain, and freezing rain during the colder months. It’s important that rain and melting snow and ice has freedom to flow away from the house to prevent water intrusion into basements and crawl spaces.

Roof systems:

Ice Damns.

Roof Drainage.



If your exterior faucets are not frost free (see images), you need to winterize them.

Vulnerable plumbing.

Heating Systems & Fireplaces: