How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

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How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

You have made the decision to sell your home, whether to up-size or down-size, move to a new area or just a new start. Below are some tips on how to make your house look its very best whether from the curb or up close.

1. Increase curb appeal.

According to Business Insider, a first impression is made within seven seconds. Go outside and look carefully: how does the outside of your home look? Does it look abandoned? Is the grass over grown? Is the paint chipping? If looking at your home makes you feel anything less than satisfaction, it’s time to make some changes.

2. Complete any necessary repairs.

Let’s be honest, even with proper maintenance a home can still have some trouble areas. This is the time to fix things like a leaky faucet or broken steps. However, some problems are not so obvious; be sure to schedule a pre-listing home inspection with Schaefer Inspection Service to find issues a buyer or buyers inspector may find. This gives you the opportunity to proactively fix things.

3. Clean everywhere and anywhere.

clean home

If you can’t eat off it, it isn’t clean. Okay, not literally, but hypothetically you should present everything spotlessly wherever possible. Dirt and grime are not requirements for selling a home so get rid of them ASAP. 

4. De-personalize your home.

Buyers are trying to envision themselves in your home, but too many personal belongings can make it hard to envision. Pack away things like family photos, kids’ art, and anything with your name on it. You should also modify anything that buyers might find off putting like brightly colored walls, oddly themed rooms, and funky odors.

5. Create a welcoming entryway.

You will want to hide any car keys, jackets, and shoes or other clutter. Essentially, you want to make your home look like you’ve just walked into an inviting and peaceful space.

Call Schaefer Inspection Service for a pre-listing home inspection. It can be helpful and save money to address issues before listing for sale. Schaefer Inspection Service has been in business for over 35 years and serves the entire state of Connecticut. We maintain an active referral list of contractors and services for home repair and maintenance. If you have any questions our team is ready to help, contact us at (800) 345-2776.